How to Write Great Online Content?

Once you choose a good title, it's time to write good content that compliments article title. Often is the case, the title you have chosen is already written and published in the web but don't let that demoralize you. You can easily get good traffic to your article through Google if you write quality article. But,

What's Quality article?

As a general rule of thumb, a quality article:

  • is original
    Any article you write should be original in the sense it shouldn't be copied from other sources. Though, you can get references from different sources (print or digital) and list out points from them, you must express it in your own words. Copying content violates Adhuro guidelines which means your article will not be published.
  • is complete
    Content of your article should be complete for the title you choose. Suppose you write an article about Distinguishing Characteristics of Fungi, then you should mention all distinguishing characteristics of Fungi and describe it. The length of an article is not as significant as whether the article is complete or not for the topic you choose.
  • is error free
    No one wants to read an article which has a lot of spelling mistakes, grammatical mistakes and poor. Try to avoid these mistakes as much as you can.  

Qualities of a good article for Adhuro

Techniques to Write Good Content

Research Before You Write

Before you write an article, always search the title in Google. Read at least top 3-4 articles about it (You can ignore Wikipedia). List out important points from those articles. You can also take references from text-books and notes. This will give you a clear idea on what content to include and most importantly, you will not miss key points.

Write in Your own Words

Always know that your topic of content has already been written by others. But that doesn't mean you copy their content. You can present the same idea in more descriptive and better way in your own words in simple English. You can add personal touch to make your article stand out among all.

Write your Article in Depth

You should always write articles in detail, covering every point that justifies the title. Article which only covers surface and incomplete doesn't receive good ranking in Google. You cannot write an in-depth article about every title. So it's important to choose a good title (Learn how to choose good title). Length of the article doesn't matter as long as the article is complete for the title you choose. A good article can be of any length from 600 - 1500 but should be complete. 

Provide Additional Value

You should always look out ways on improving the existing web articles for your topic. Try to include your own key points, add intuitive examples or better photos. This provides a rich experience to the viewers in the process.

Edit and Proof Read Your Article

When you finish writing your article, read and review it at least once. You might stumble upon some grammatical errors or have missed some important points. Correct them to make your article better and complete.

It's not hard to write good online article, you just need to know how.