Guidelines to Choose Title for Adhuro

Adhuro was made with a philosophy to be a constant source of income for our authors rather than one time earning. Once your article is published, you should earn from it over a long period of time. If you are curious to know, read our article on how Adhuro generates smart passive income for you. To fulfill our ambition of becoming a constant source of income for you, we have set up certain guidelines to choose title.

Title Should be Evergreen 

Since Adhuro is a platform for constant source of income, we expect articles to be evergreen, i.e, the article that is interesting, useful and relevant for a long period of time. The reason behind this is your articles will get constant visits directly affecting the revenue it generates. If the articles are only useful for a short period of time (eg: news article), then after certain time, the articles become irrelevant diminishing the viewer visits. That's why Adhuro only accepts evergreen articles ( which will be relevant for at least for 2-3 few years ).


evergreen title vs non evergreen title

Write on Specific Topic Rather than Vague Topic

The title should be short and specific. Adhuro only accepts title which can be described completely in one article. For example: Project Management is a bad title because it's impossible for you to write everything related to Project Management in one article. Instead choose one small subtopic like: How to Make a Schedule which can be explained in detail in one article. 

Don't Choose Title like Essay or Biography or Personal Thoughts

There is difference between online writing and writing in paper. Adhuro doesn't accept articles which is of type essay because your article will only get few visitors on those topics. Topics like: A Surprising Turn of EventsThe Greatest Movie Moments, Bad Things That Happened In My Life etc are really bad topics and you should avoid it. Also, we don't accept articles written in a biographical style like: Barack ObamaRihannaZinedine Zidane  etc. Instead you can write article about 10 Things You Should Know About Barack Obama and so on.

Don't Write on Nepal Related Topics 

Adhuro targets international traffic and we don't accept article totally specific to Nepal. The reason behind this is, your articles cannot be a source of high revenue from Nepalese visitors. Our statistics show that, your article will generate 10 times more revenue for U.S visitors than Nepalese visitors for same amount of visitors. But we accept titles like: 10 Places to Visit for Trekking Lovers, which may include places of Nepal. 

Important Tips to Choose Title for Adhuro

The biggest misconception while choosing a title is, title should be fancy which is not true. Things you learned in college can be a good title. If you are a Chemistry student, you can write articles on topics like: Industrial Preparation of Sulphuric AcidExtraction of Copper from Copper Pyrites, Uses of Hydrogen Peroxide etc. If you are a student of Business Administration, you can write articles on topics like: Cash Flow Statement Computation: Direct Method, Financial Management Definition and ScopeDifference Between Supply Chain & Procurement etc. 

In conclusion, choose a title which is evergreen that you can explain completely in a single article. Title doesn't always need to be attractive; things you learned in college can be a good title too as long as it follows Adhuro guidelines.