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Adhuro is a small step in our vision to address the growing disparity between living expenses and average income in Nepal. We strive to be a source of supplementary income by providing a platform to write content and earn passive income. In other words, invest your time upfront in writing articles and continually earn money from them as long as your articles are read.

How does Adhuro work?
Once you submit an article on Adhuro, it will be reviewed by our team of editors. Articles that are accepted are posted on one or more of our affiliate websites. Once published, authors will earn a fixed amount upfront, and continue to earn money every month as long as their articles get new views. All authors will have visibility to the number of visitors generated by each of their articles, and the money earned through the aggregate of these visits. 

Why Adhuro?

Unlike traditional print and digital media, at Adhuro authors will continue to earn money long after their article is first published. Similarly, unlike personal blogging platform, our authors will only have to worry about their creative output, and never about how to increase the views or the readership for their articles. Our experts take care of everything from increasing the relevancy of the articles in search engines (SEO), social media marketing, to earning money through ads. In this sense, Adhuro provides authors the best of both worlds.

We are currently in private beta, which means that we are not accepting open registrations. 

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At Adhuro, we give you the freedom to write on any topic you are interested in. You can write on any one of the following categories

If you are interested in writing for us, you need to send us an email at with an original write-up. If we like your writing, we will get in touch with you.

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