Who can write for Adhuro?

Absolutely anyone with an interest in writing can write for us. All you have to do is sign up with us and start writing.

Will every article I submit be published?

Our editors go through all the submissions and ensure that the material is original, engaging, either interesting or useful, and that the writing meets basic quality standards before they are selected. We encourage all authors to read the how-to documents available on Adhuro.com in order to get a better understanding of what makes an article stand out.

What can I write about?

Adhuro.com has a listing of all the categories for which we accept articles, so your article has to fall into atleast one of these categories. Having said that, the list is very comprehensive and covers all popular topics. In case you do not find the category of your interest, please feel free to get in touch with us and we will see what can be done.

Will I be paid for writing articles for Adhuro?

As per our current promotional scheme, you will be paid $2 upfront for any article accepted for publication. However, you will continue to earn money every month based on the popularity of your article and the number of views it receives. You will receive 51% of the revenue generated from each article you post on our site. For more detail, please refer to the terms of use.

How does Adhuro earn the money to pay me?

Adhuro places ads on the affiliate websites that host your content and earns revenue through these ads. The Adhuro Analytics system finds out how much revenue each article has earned through time. This information will also be provided to authors through creative visualizations.

Why should I write for Adhuro, when I can create my own blog and get 100% of the earnings?

Although we’ve made it sound very simple, earning money through blogging requires a lot of knowledge about SEO/SMO, content marketing, advertising, and reader engagement. At Adhuro, an author will only have to worry about their creative output, and never about how to increase the views or the readership for their articles. Our experts take care of everything from increasing the relevancy of the articles in search engines, to earning money through ads. However, if you wish to start your own blog and earn money through it, we will always encourage you.

How will I be paid?

As of now authors will be paid either in cash or cheque, based on their preference. In time, we plan to use more advanced payment technologies so authors can conveniently withdraw their earnings at their own time.

Do I have to be present in person to write for Adhuro?

We encourage authors to come in to our office for one hour everyday for at least five days before starting to write for us. This gives you a chance to get to know Adhuro team personally. Additionally, it allows us the time to thoroughly explain how to use our platform and quickly resolve any questions you may have while using it. However, if you want to write for us but cannot personally come in to the office at all, please let us know and we can arrange to have you work remotely from the get go.

My article was published, so why can’t I see my content on Adhuro.com?

The content you submit on Adhuro is posted on one or more of our affiliate websites and not on Adhuro itself. Adhuro is only a platform for using the services and tools necessary for you to send your quality articles to us and get paid.

If my article was published on Adhuro, can I still publish it anywhere else?

The copyright for the content published on Adhuro belongs to us, so any article published on site cannot be republished anywhere else. However, in the case of copyrighted content that we have posted with permission from the author, the copyright belongs to the original author. Authors will always be credited for their work and their name will appear in the articles they have authored.

I want to read some sample articles published on Adhuro, where can I find this?

Adhuro.com has a listing of all our affiliate websites, so you can easily browse through these sites to get a sense of the article we accept for publication. This page however, is only available after you sign up.

Can I write articles in Nepali?

Unfortunately, we only accept articles written in English at this time.