How to Search Google Friendly Title?

In general, a title that people search in Google is a good title. Most of the traffic that arrives to Adhuro articles is through Google. If your title is not Google friendly then, you are unlikely to get good visitors to your articles.

Google Friendly Title

Qualities of  a good title

Visit this page to learn more about Adhuro Guidelines to Choose Title.

How to Search for a Google Friendly Title?

The biggest factor determining long-term success on Adhuro is author's interest and expertise on the subject. Suppose, you are a student of Chemistry or you are passionate about Paintings, you should write articles on the same.

Now it's time to drill down and find a good title. Start by thinking what you would search. Suppose you are a student of Chemistry, you may search about Hydrogen Peroxide since it's a popular topic.

Is it a good title then?

The answer is no. It's because you can't write everything related to Hydrogen Peroxide in a single article; it will be tremendously long. So, you must drill down this topic further into many subtopics like: Hydrogen Peroxide Uses, Decomposition of Hydrogen Peroxide and so on, which you can complete in a single article.

In short, choose a title which:

  • people search in Google on daily basis
  • is evergreen (articles which is relevant over long period of time)
  • can be completed in a single article.

Still confused what a good title is?

It's better to rely on tools to search a good title rather than believing on your own intuition. Combing few techniques and Google Keyword Planner tool, it's much easier to search a good title which has less competition in Google.

Tools and Techniques to Search Good Title

As it's mentioned earlier, start by choosing the topic you know and drill down into small subtopic which can be completed in a single article.

Lets say you know a lot about Project Management and want to write on it. Follow the following steps:

  1.  Go to Google, and type "Project Management ". Notice the space after the word "Project Management". You get suggestions from Google on various topics of Project Management. 
    Search Title Using Google
    The suggestions given by Google are very competitive keywords, i.e, many people have article on similar topics. In general, it's hard to get a good rank in Google if you write on these topics. If you are interested in any of those topics which can be written in a single article, feel free to but there are techniques to find less competitive topics. Write down these topics on your notebook or save them in Notepad for now.
  2. Now this time, type "project management a" in Google. You get different list of suggestion which starts with project management a. These keywords are less competitive. The reason these topics are less competitive is it's centered only in 'a' but make sure you remove the ones which are common to the first list.
    Technique to search good title in Google
    From the suggestions, note down the topics that you know about and can describe completely in a single article. Again, type "project management b" and note down topics as before. Repeat the step until you search for "project management z" and note down topics. By the end, you will have a handful of topics.
  3. Now it's time to check how often the title you have listed is searched. Go to Google Keyword Planner, sign in using your Gmail account. Then go to Tools and Keyword Planner. Click Search for new keywords using a phrase, website or category  and type the titles (One line per each title) and click Get ideas.
    Search keyword using google keyword planner
    You will be redirected to another page, switch to Keyword Ideas on that page.
    Generate keyword ideas using Keyword planner
    This page provides an idea on how often the exact keyword is searched in a month. You can see that, Project Management Knowledge Areas is searched 1000 times on average in a month. Also, you can get ideas on similar topics which is searched. It's important to note that visitors may use different keywords while searching for in Google. For example: You write article on Project Management Knowledge Areas but a visitor may search knowledge areas of project management. Your article will be relevant for this search keyword too.
  4. Now, drop the title from your list which is searched very less in Google (less than 200). Now you have a list of titles which are less competitive, can be described completely in single article and searched frequently in Google.